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How to improve Reading, Writing, Language Competence and Attention with the new generation of AlphaTrainer systems

What is a most efficient way for brain training, particularly aiming at enhancing skills in

  • language
  • foreign languages
  • spelling
  • concentration
  • attention

This is THE key question MediTECH has been addressing since the early 1990s. The new AlphaTrainer is the follow up device for the previous lateral training systems, strongly extending and enhancing their training potentials: For the first time ever it was possible within a government funded national research project to prove that a language oriented brain training system based on lateral training caused strong improvements in the brain's plasticity. fMRI brain maps showed that after training the participants processed language tasks much more profoundly than prior to the training.


The AlphaTrainer offers a wide range of training options for the different training fields listed in the beginning of this article. The following articles give you a better understanding of the functionality and capability the AlphaTrainer offers you for your daily work and training:

More about the development of the AlphaTrainer
Fields of application 
AlphaTrainer models 
AlphaTrainer Professional 
AlphaTrainer Home 

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