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Creation of MediTECH

After 25 years of prosperous work as managing director of Germanyïs number one headphones producer, Fred Warnke left his prior employer Sennheiser electronic KG. During his work there he provided several ideas and inventions for Sennheiser, many of which led to various patents. Especially the use of wireless microport technology which by now enabled hundreds of thousands of children with peripheral hearing deficits to join regular school classes was of his particular interest.

After completing his work for Sennheiser, Fred Warnke started using his creative mind exclusively to bring help to those children and adults who were facing speech developement disorders due to socalled central (neurological) proccessing deficits. In due course he came up with various inventions, some of which again ended up to be patented.

The marketing system established thereby proved to be unsatisfactory to patients and customers. Instead, a largely competent and reliable advisory service through one company needed to be established. This lead to the foundation of "Warnke Elektronik Vertrieb", a new company lead and held by Fred Warnkeïs son Ralph. With increasing demand for professional assistance this company was transformed into the larger scale company "MediTECH Electronic GmbH" on February 1st, 1996.

MediTECH added various new inventions and devices to its product range which turned out to be quite helpful for speech impaired children and adults. Among those were specific software solutions as well as additional hardware to test and train the brainïs central perception. Step by step MediTECH replaced the former semi-professional productions of the early days through fully new developements and productions on highest quality standards and professional designs.


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