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Today MediTECH is a healthy and steadily growing business, owned by Ralph Warnke and his wife Karen. Fred Warnke had no proprietory interest in the company at any time. He uses his skills in order to bring forth his method and come up with new ideas which are exclusively reserved for MediTECH. Through by now hundreds of seminars for physicians as well as for various types of therapists and psychologists he presents practical means to implant his method into their previous way of working.

Fred Warnkeïs ideas are well picked up by MediTECH, and they encourage new developements of additional and even better products. MediTECH tests these new products in close co-operation with a selected group of professional partners (physicians and therapists throughout Europe). Hereby it is ensured that only well tested and truly useful products are included into the MediTECH product range.

With a large number of Seminars taking place mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, MediTECH enables its partners and all other professionals to learn the acquire information on the Warnke method as well as the international scientific knowledge on central processing and perception deficits.

Especially important to the MediTECH staff is a fast and efficient service for all products as well as all customer questions and concerns. To fulfill this purpose, all MediTECH staff is steadily aware and available for questions far beyond simple technical concerns.

In addition, MediTECH also works as a specialized publishing agency. MediTECH's "Therapeuten-Leitfaden", a practical guide of how to implement the Warnke method into the daily proccess, is highly valued by the professional readers. Book-CD-combinations add to the name MediTECH has built in this field.

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