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Balance analysis and enhancement

MediBalance Pro - Professional analysis and training for balance improvement and vertigo issues

The MediBalance Pro System offers you elegant and distinguished means of analyzing and improving your clients' abilities in balance. A standardized test protocol helps you to determine if and which modalities / functions are responsible for non-optimal balance performance.

The test protocol consists a four-step procedure:

  1. Measuring with eyes open, the client stands on the platform using both legs.
  2. Measuring as before but with eyes closed.
  3. Measuring with eyes open, the client stands on the platform using both legs with a special cushion for destabilization between him and the platform
  4. Measuring as before but with eyes closed.

A sequence of different training options  which are included in the MediBalance Pro system enable you to provide a highly individualized training plan for your clients to improve their sense of balance and/or deal with vertigo issues. In all training modules the client controls an icon on the screen shifting his weight front/back and left/right:

A starting function is to address and target sectors which appear somewhere on the screen. The sectors can differ in size and distance from the center of the screen. You may define that the client has to return to the center of the screen before targetting the next sector yet again.

Another non-dynamic aswell as a dynamic function are included, in which the client targets circles on the screen which may also differ in size and location depending on your presets and your clients' needs. In the dynamic training function the client has to constantly shift his weight in parallel to the moving circle in order to keep his representation on the screen within the moving circle.

A primarily horizontal training is provided by the "Catch balls" function. Here the client shifts his weight left/right only and controls a net with which he catches balls pitched by the computer from the other side of the screen:

The training function "Tennis" requires your client to control a racket up and down on the left side of the tennis court. Competing in a playful fashion against the computer by yet again shifting his weight (this time: front/back) he learnst to automate his sense of balance and the control thereof:

And finally not only children appreciate the training mode "Save the princess" and perceive it as quite entertaining and helpful: The client is represented by a blue knight symbol on the screen and is asked to shift his weight towards oncoming red knights in order to chase them away and keep the princess in the center of the screen safe and sound.

An extensive yet easy to grasp analytical module for further evaluation completes this powerful test and training solution. You may select / deselect the information that you which to evaluation with a single mouse click, providing you and your client with comprehendable and solid analytical results.

MediBalance Pro weighs less than two kilogram and is strictly operated via USB power supply (no  external power supply needed). As a truly mobile solution you can apply it whereever needed in a very flexible fashion. It is a universal test and training solution for ENT specialists, clinical rehab, other health care professionals as well as professional sports and fitness institutes. You can find further information on the MediBalance Pro system in our online shop.

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