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MediTECH´s goals

The company and it´s staff will strongly continue to present and build up the acquired knowledge and means on how to seriously help patients with central proccessing and automation deficits and therefore attend all important central European congresses and exhibitions in this field. All professionals shall continously have the opportunaty to learn about present and future experiences on diagnosis and training of these deficits. To fulfill this self-set goal, MediTECH systematically collects worldwide information in the field of central proccessing and perception. This is done through exchange of knowledge with informed scientists, steady research on international data bases and MediTECH's own internet site. In addition, MediTECH co-operating partners add to this knowledge enhancing structure. The intimate co-operation with physicians and therapists enable MediTECH to name local professionals using the Warnke method to any patient requiring this type of assistance, one of which includes the large group of families with dyslectic children. All co-operations MediTECH establishes are following the code of rules given out by the "German National Association of the Medical Products Industry" (Bundes-ver-band der Medizinprodukteindustrie e.V.)

MediTECH´s principles

MediTECH adheres to strong principles which apply to its relationship with customers, government, competitors and the environment. The company maintains an open and fair relationship with all business partners and expects a comparable thinking in return. The most acceptable way in establishing a fitting profit lies within securing the company and its jobs long term. This includes continously growing new ideas as well as all neccessary investments towards this goal. MediTECH works strongly towards a good and stable relationship with all government agencies as well as other public institutions, in order to support the Federal Republic and its free and democratic foundation.

Within its abilities, MediTECH works actively to maintain and improve the environment as well as the working conditions for all staff. To do so, the company is focussing to stay independent and free for all major company related decisions. On top of that, all small and big customers alike play an important role for MediTECH. To preserve and grow within their interests belongs to the strongest company principles.


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