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What is special about MediTECH?
Our company philosophy

The particular success of MediTECH is based upon our company philosophy. By 2005, our number of employees has risen to a total of 14; not a single one of our full-time employees has ever left the company, nor would we have let anybody go. Our staff is the sould and builds the character and the foundation of this company. In a way, we are like a big family, well taking care of one another and of our joint enterprise..

"If the company is doing well, so will I", is how recently one of our staff members clearly put it. The friendlyness, determination and readiness/willingness to contribute that every single member of our team shows, is well perceived and appreciated by the outside world and cojointly leads us all to successfully helping others. With more than 80 seminars and workshops, at 15 conferences and exhibitions and with many thousand customer contacts each year we learn again and again how new successful relationships evolve and successful products get even the better. Our customers can rely on us all the way - and they know about it. They appreciate and stand up for us, as they know we are always there for them. This makes us all better at what we are doing and changes the world - as for example for the dyslexic children - a little better..

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