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MediTECH´s product range

MediTECH´s primary goal is to provide practical and cause oriented utilities for all humans with deficits within their central proccessing and automatization.

MediTECH´s product range includes:

  • Devices for lateral-training (hemisphere co-ordination) following the patented Warnke-method both on a private and a professional basis. Those products allow a cause oriented improvement of the brain´s central perception in both the auditive und the visual domains. They are based upon the German patent 39 39 401.
  • A steadily growing number of audio-CDs with corresponding textbooks for age related lateral training. All MediTECH-CDs are recorded with dummy-head-stereophony to ensure a hearing impression most closely related to the actual live hearing impression.
  • Devices for improving the order threshold, i.e. the temporal proccessing within the human brain. Besides the products Brain-Boy® Classic and Brain-Boy® Universal, MediTECH came up with a professional low-level test and training system, the BUP (Brain-Boy Universal Professional). All of these products concur with the German patent 4318336.
  • A modular system of diagnosis utilities which allow to determine typical perception and automatization deficits and their symptoms.
  • Computer based test software defining a patient's central auditory processing capabilities and auditory perception / phoneme recognition.
  • Computer software aswell as literature to particularly train subjects such as German, English and Mathematics.
  • CD-ROM for training school dictation test under classroom conditions.

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