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Screening method to identify ADD/ADHD

The question if a person was diagnosed ADD/ADHD or not so far primarily was based upon questionaires and monitoring behavior. Both means are strongly subjective.

In cooperation with the Charité University of Berlin as well as the University clinic of Mainz MediTECH has developed a new objective measure to determine ADD/ADHD.

ADD/ADHD means Attention Deficit Syndrom with and without hyperactvity. ADD/ADHD is considered a primarily psychological disorder which key symptoms are lack of attention, impulsivitness and often also hyperactivity. ADD/ADHD is listed as a disorder at F90 ff. in the International Catalogue of Deseases (ICD-10).

Facts and background information:

  • About 4% of the population are considered ADD/ADHD
  • Consequence: Serious problems with learning and attention both in school and a later work environment 
  • Existing diagnosis spectrum is primarily subjective. The primary form of treatment ist to medication. According to the Society standards the medication must be combined with training oriented therapy. This is rather far from the current reality.
  • The amount of medication passed out to children over the past few years has trippled by far.

The Vision:

  • To create and objective meaure to discriminate ADD from non ADD.
  • All further medication / treatment is based on these findings (continue with more details on the method.)

Pleae find additional information here.

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