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Success in learning - thanks to enhanced brain training

Brain-Boy® Universal

All parents wish for their children's success in school. Children with learning problems, lack of attention or reading and writing problems often work twice as hard - with great support from their parents - yet only with limited success and corresponding results in school.

Why is that?

  • Even most intensive learning efforts often hardly help in the long run.
  • Memorizing cognitive strategies or spelling rules won't work if - as it often is the case - phonemes like b, d or g cannot be discriminated well - particularly in noisy situations like classroom environments. If a child cannot clearly discriminate all such phonemes in noise, how are they to discriminate the corresponding letters...?!

What can you do?

  • Help the brain to work at its best: An intelligent training using the Brain-Boy® Universal
  • faster processing, faster perception in the brain: Facilitate a solid foundation for improved language processing and comprehension
  • Better auditory processing strongly helps to improve reading and writing on a much grander scale

Want to learn more about it?
Read more about this well researched method.


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