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Contact details for professionals and distributors

Here you can find contact details on different groups of customers and MediTECH® partners:


Associated Trainers:

These are trainers / institutes who are well equipped and trained on the Warnke®-method and offer corresponding training in the field of perception training and improving language processing skills.


Ear Fitness®-Partners

These partners provide you with information and support on the coordinated hearing training for adults by Warnke®. In particular this training aims to improve central hearing capabilities well before or during an ongoing hearing aid accomodation. This training is addressing the group of 40 year-olds and up who have the impression"not to hear as well as in earlier years" but who have no hearing loss in the regular hearing tests.



Professionals with different backgrounds who actively and competently offer Biofeedback- and/or Neurofeedback-Training based on the powerful INFINITI-Systems, can be found in this category. While Neurofeedback-trainers particularly deal with ADD/ADHD, Biofeedback coaches i.e. are able to provide pain treatment, help with migraine or tinnitus.



Here you find our nationalen and international distributors. They will support your regionally and offer competent consultancy. We strongly recommend to contact your regional distributor for optimal local support.

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