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Previous Research and background information

The following pages provide you with an overview on significant research and study result all around the Warnke method and related issues. Particularly helpful publications representing the key content of specific studies will also be displayed here:.

By clicking on each individual headline you get access to the corresponding publication.

Research studies and publications




GAP-Detection instructions

2. Test instructions


The actual test usual takes 3-4 minutes and ends automatically depending on the answers given. This may result in a significantly long pattern of correct answers or a maximum of 70 sequences. The overall procedure may take as long as five minutes - so please bare with us, thank you!

Your task within the GAP DETECTION TEST is to detect the GAP, i.e. a short pause WITHIN one of the three burst signals and to identify it correspondingly by pressing the correct 1st, 2nd or 3rd button.

  • If the GAP appears within the first signal, please press the LEFT button.
  • If the GAP is within the second signal, please press the MIDDLE button.
  • If the GAP is within the third signal, please press the button on the RIGHT.

Please review your results by clicking on "Click here for results" and transmit your results by email in the following. We will highly appreciate if you are willing to provide us with the following information on a strictly confidential basis for statistic evaluation only:

1. Your date of birth

2. Your current age

3. Your gender

4. The statement if we may contact you by Email upon further questions or not

In order to participate in our GAP DETECTION project, please now click here.

By all means we will be more than happy to assist you when being contacted at for any questions you may have. We very much thank you for your support!

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